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21. April 2017

A. Winther A/S is one of Denmark’s oldest bike factories. The company focuses on producing high quality bikes for children and adults.

A. Winther exports a wide range of trikes, fun vehicles and educational toys to more than 50 countries worldwide and for their most demanding bicycle category - in terms of demands for power and sturdyness - the cargo category, the company uses Pro-Movec’s e-kits.
We have chosen to cooperate with Pro-Movec in part because of the openness and willingness we have experienced from Pro-Movec regarding finding solutions whenever we have new ideas and new developments. Moreover, if we have encountered a problem or challenge, the well established service set-up at Pro-Movec has meant that a solution is always close at hand and a willing, able and proactive person has immidiately been in contact with us. This form of collaboration combined with the high level of professionalism and understanding of us as an OEM-customer has given us flexibility, added value and has saved us engineering labor.
Head of Production at A. Winther, Henrik Sejthen


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