MAXCOM - Promovec GmbH
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21. April 2017

Maxcom is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Eastern Europe.

T he company has an annual production capacity of more 400.000 bicycles. The brand promise of producing with speed, reliability and flexibility while fullfilling the vision of stimulating the joy of movement and a more conscious attitude towards the environment and also adhering to the mission to promote constant improvements throughout all levels of the business in order to exceed the expectations of stakeholders and community, fits perfectly with the objectives behind the partnership wtih Pro-Movec.
We have chosen to cooperate with Pro-Movec, as a team of specialists within our organisation found that Pro-Movec possesses a high level of expertise, strategic fit with our organisation as well as a willingness to think outside the box and challenge conventions within the industry. The partnership between Maxcom and Pro-Movec allows us to grow together and adds even more creative brain power to our solutions while providing us with new opportunities for innovation and growth. Moreover, it allows us to focus even more on improving our processes and learning from each other. Lastly, the partnership strengthens the quality of our offers, improves the overall service and provides us with valuable relationships.
COO at Maxcom, Nikolai Videnov


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